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Wow. This has taken a while hasn’t it. 

I think the best advice somebody could have given past me is, “outsource it”.

I still didn’t. 

This website is possibly the biggest ballache of my life. I’ve designed and put live about 20 other websites since I started it. I’ve gone through multiple different versions, all varying in complexity. The copy has changed, the icons have changed, in fact I think I’ve binned and restarted this project more times than I can count on both hands…and feet. I simply want to showcase everything I can offer when it comes to digital marketing in North Wales and beyond!

But we’re here. Hello! I’ve been working on so much the last few months, it’s been a summer blur as usual. It’s so much fun this time of year, photoshoots, reporting, creative ads – all of the fun stuff before analytical Q2 sets in. 

I’m excited to now be offering discovery calls, with no obligation. I’ve realised that even if it doesn’t amount to work at the end of it, I really realllllly love just giving those inital pointers and hearing people get excited about their business. I’ve added a button at the end of this message, so have a look.